I grew up in Billings Montana, skiing Red Lodge Mountain, and Big Sky.  Once I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to chase some snow, let skiing define my life.  Little did I know that I soon would be wanting to define my own flavor of skiing to the industry.

bangin’ gates at red lodge as a youngster

I moved to Canada to begin school, but more importantly where I had the opportunity to ski on a daily basis.  I had a pass to COP which is located in the city and contains a decent park with a number of features.  This is where I learned to ski park and throw various tricks from a 180 to a switch 9… I met some good friends in Calagry, namely Todd Williamson who I eventually joined that summer on a trip to New Zealand.  I feel like this is when I began to notice a definite improvement in my ability to ski. I worked as a laborer and did my best to ski at Snow Park every day I could.

One of my best memories to date… the cover of Level 1’s “Refresh”

I eventually moved to SLC, where I currently reside.  I met up with Mike Hornbeck who gave me the opportunity to film with Theory-3 media, which has since been absorbed by Poor Boyz Productions, for their film Photoplay.  It was then I realized my place in the ski industry was among film.  From there I worked my way in front of the camera’s of Level 1 and eventually Teton Gravity Research.

my first cover, skiing magazine

Skiing is my life, my passion. With the addition of new BC freestyle comps I’ll look to get involved as these grow.  Otherwise I aim to be at the frontier of film segments pushing the game and innovating freestyle with big mountain terrain. I believe taking advantage of opportunities requires vision, vision to see things that others don’t, doing things that others haven’t done, and that’s where I want to go within skiing.





One Response to BIO

  1. Nate Meyer says:

    Did not know much about you untill Refresh. Really enjoyed some of your shots in that, once i saw you in Eye Trip i was like WTF?! Your skiing is amazing. Keep it up man. You got mass swagger and its tight. Your segment in Eye Trip is one of my favorites to date.

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