With my recent early season trek north to Coastal BC I felt it was appropriate to get myself into a snow safety course before things get rolling this winter.  BCA has been supportive of my interest in snow safety and, as it would seem appropriate, I reached out to the company for advice on a course in the Sea to Sky corridor. Bruce Edgerly of BCA came back with a suggestion to take the AST 2 through the Mountain Skill Academy (, in Whistler BC. A great place to begin your snow safety training if your interested in a class.

Having taken my Avy 1 in the States and now completing my AST 2 here in Canada I now have an even better set of tools for approaching terrain and snowpack this winter.  Although much of what I had learned in my Avy 1 was refreshed for me in the AST 2, there was more emphasis placed on approaching terrain.  This is something that I have dwelled on in the past. What’s the safest and most efficient way to get up there?  A question that sometimes isn’t as clear as you may think… there and many ways to skin the cat so to speak, but in most cases only one way to do it safely, or one way that is better than the rest.  All in all is was an amazing experience and well worth doing.  It’s absolutely crucial for any backcountry enthusiast and I encourage anyone interested in going out of bounds with their friends to take a course.


Wayne Flann stopped by to say hello, Wayne hosts a blog highly regarded in the area for it’s snow assessments


practicing digging a victim out


snow pit analysis with our guide Eric Vezeau


Approaching safely


Assessing risk amongst complex terrain


gaining the top

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