Summer of Rock (photos by Jordan Harper)

It’s been another hot summer here in Utah. After returning from a trip to the ocean in May I was in need of some high energy activity to keep the blood flowing while Tatum and I spent our summer months in Salt Lake City.  I had always heard of the abundance and quality of climbs in the canyons just outside the city and took it upon myself to get on the rock as much as I could this summer.

on the wall

During winter down days, we sometimes pull out the chess board and get through a couple games while we wait for conditions to optimize in the backcountry. Like chess climbing is a mental game, planning each move before executing and thinking one or two moves ahead increases chances for success. On the other hand climbing is very physically demanding, another reason to get out and enjoy the outdoors while doing good for the body. The mental, and physical challenges combined with outdoor adventure has grasped my attention this summer and for summers to come.

on the wall-22on the wall-5on the wall-55

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