Bellow is a photo Gallery from Jordan Harper of Saga Outerwear.  Our month in the Montana backcountry has come to a wrap.  Darren Rayner has made the long pilgrimage back to Vancouver and I’m currently resting my sore bones in the Big Sky area. The action  has been captured and an edit awaits our creative push.  The very first YLESKI edit is sure to be a big one, and I for one can’t wait to share it with the online community.

Moving forward I’ll be taking a fresh perspective on how I produce and release media.  Similar to the way music albums are produced, I’m reserving the right to release content when I feel fit.  We film when the time is right and release when we have the quality and quantity we need. No deadlines, no restrictions, or parameters to work within… just creative, technical, and big skiing, with a fresh perspective.  This is the premise behind YLESKI.


Home sweet home


Deep down I have a little sled neck in me

cooke city-38
cooke city-36

Some zones required a good look. Lots of options here.


Our Cabin Glacier was constantly making its push indoors


The new Saga Mutiny jacket is a great addition to the line next year


Darren Rayner and Tatum Monod


Tatum enjoyed herself a little pow pow


Female dub


Deep and Dirty


Shay Lee is a young buck from my hometown, Billings. He joined the crew for a week and stacked a few shots

photos by @angryjordan

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