New Labor

So we are in Montana at the moment. Darren Rayner and I have teamed up to put together the initial YLESKI edit for release this winter. With assistance from both 4frnt and Saga athletes (Thayne Rich, Shay Lee), Austin Ramaley, and Jordan Harper we’ve been hammering. It’s been cold, and snowing. With a couple days of sun we braved the sub zero temps and took advantage. I will be posting more soon on our progress with the project. Stay tuned!

Bellow is a cut and paste from the Saga Outerwear blog. Photos and words by Jordan Harper:

Reporting from the Treasure State with Wiley Miller and Shay Lee. Exploring the great unknown.

p: @angryjordan

cooke city

cooke city-2

Montana, no place like it.

cooke city-24

cooke city-8

Shay Lee goes for two.

cooke city-12

Shay and his snow machine.

cooke city-13

cooke city-5

Wiley Miller knows thing or two about Montana.

cooke city-4

cooke city-19

cooke city-22

cooke city-25

cooke city-26

cooke city-29

Miller Time.

cooke city-9

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