Backdoor Bralorne

Brailorne BC, a destination that has mingled in the back of my mind for some time now.  We had talked of a trip there for years… heard of the uncrowded backcountry, quite the opposite of whistler, at times whistler can be a rat race to popular shred zones.  Parker White, Josh Bibby and myself were shredding. Blake Jorgenson was behind the stills, and Freedle Coty was motion capturing.


Blake has owned a cabin in Bralorne some time now and offered up his party pad for our crew in early April, we were sold.


Our pilot was a local Bralorne resident… here his house and heli sit. On days we were out early he would bump from his spot to a nearby baseball diamond in town to pick us up.


Back in the early 2000’s snowboarders had found and shot an infamous double wind lip.  When asked, our pilot responded with a quick and concise answer, “Ya I know where that is, let’s go”


Turns out it was there, and the snow was perfect for airtime… after a quick set up, pat down and game of rock paper scissors, I was nominated first hit. I love first hits! whew!


Celebratory Post self claim from the boyz, Freedle, Parker, and Blake couldn’t contain themselves.


These lines were the last ones we skied on the trip…


No we didn’t catch anything… it was a nice pond though.

Bellow is a link to Blake’s website and a recent post with photos he had from our trip.

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