Whistler Pawty of 4

We were somewhere between Whistler and Vancouver, it was hot. The tires hummed along route 99’s sun warmed pavement. I air surfed my hand out the open driver’s side window.  My god, what has happened? It’s March, and mother nature had reminded us how unpredictable she can be, some sort of reverse psychological trick…  where had all the snow flakes gone?


A week earlier it was cold, and the earth had been blanketed with a few feet of snow allowing us to land comfortably into it from various heights.  The sky was blue and for all we knew winter was in prime form, allowing us to complete our mission.  What was it though? To complete a movie segment, of course. Back to the task at hand.

With the mighty pacific ocean in proximity we are at the mercy of relative warmth the ocean provides to the coast mountains. Improving the moisture content of the snow and average snowfall per year the ocean is an abundant source for white stuff in the winter months… the down side, the freezing level is constantly on the move like an 12 year old diagnosed with A.D.D. Weather patterns can change on a whim and when the going gets good the good get going, no time to waste… summer is around the corner.


Tanner Bibby and I got some nice moves on this one…

IMG_0642Looking down the barrel on a last minute line to round out the day.

IMG_0604 IMG_0606

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 11.58.11 AMSnow is now on it’s way, we have a heli reserved next week.  Tradition has held for years now that we put our chips on the table once april hits, we go all in.  Time to hit it big time or walk away with empty pockets and a sore ego.  Whistler is looking to deliver, time will tell.

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