Meet D Rains

With the invite to x games, along came the hunt for a filmer.  Josh Berman had mentioned rumors of a guy in the Whistler area looking to get involved, yet he remained nameless.  As some of us know now Voleurz, a Canadian clothing company has since ceased operation (full story here )

darren_rayner_007_329_504_75_staticimgwatermark.png_0_0_80_r_b_-10_-10Co -founder of Voleurz, Darren Rayner, was looking for an alternative in the industry.  By way of Level 1 I was told Darren was interested in continuing to film.  The guy is on his shit to say the least, he can sled, shoot, shred, and keeps a full tin of snuss on hand at all times. ( ) I had met Darren a few time previous in the whistler village.  I have been impressed with his work at Voleurz, he headed the annual film that voleurz released as a marketing tool for their clothing, and seemed like the right guy for the job.

We’ve been shooting for a week now, shots bagged, and stoked to say the least… these canadians ain’t bad. Thanks Darren…

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