A Bitchin’ Backpack

After a night out in Salt Lake City the idea came up in the wee hours of the morning that a backpack could be in order for the weekend. As summer dwindles down and we get ready for the long cold fall, awaiting the winter, pondering how deep or slim it could be we grabbed some whiskey, grits, garbage bags (as rain protection), and our hangovers and hit the trail.

The hike started off as usual, lots of rain, got off trail, ended up getting back on trail, some back ass navigation and finally we stumbled up to our destination.


Taj became the camp dish washer, here he finishes off a spoon from breakfast.

Hitting cliffs

Pep and his so called “tiger trout”… I fished for hours on this trip and came home with nothing but a few bites.  Pep on the other hand greased half a dozen, maybe more…

A last minute line tossed in on our hike out, better luck next time wiley… Although before I close out our story I did manage to hook one rather unusual item.  My dogs bird (penis), he happened to be exploring some vegiation behind me, as I fished, when “whap!”  He started whirling around like he was stung by a bee.  After we got a hold of the lil devil and had him under control we where able to surgically remove the fly from the oh so tender area.

OUCH!!!! Sorry Taj, Taj awaits the removal of the fly.

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4 Responses to A Bitchin’ Backpack

  1. gabby douglas says:

    How in the hell did you hook poor Taj’s wedding tackle? Is he going to be okay???

  2. yleski says:

    He is ok, taking him to the vet today to make sure….

  3. Where is this trip, if’n you don’t mind my asking?

  4. yleski says:

    Uinta mountains in Utah… Long lake trail.

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