Kootenay Kunch

With snow lingering in the lower fourty  8. We packed up our trucks and headed north. Myself, P white, and Freedle Coty hop skipped over the border to meet up with Josh Bibby and Bryn Hughes. With fresh party grease still on our shoes from the year ending activities, and after some questioning we were let into the land of the great white north, Canada, and  more specifically the Kootenay range of the interior BC.

The Dock, just down the street from our shack…

This line is called “the spine of god” proudly proclaimed by our guide as one of the more premier lines in the area.  Here Freedle captures the action as P white takes “her” for a ride.

It happens our good friends from Oakley were in town. Dan Treadway, Greg Strokes, and Blake Jorgenson, join us for some apre…

This zone was insanely good to us…

enough said… shopping in Nelson

We have now arrived in Revelstoke and plan on getting after some more goods here in BC… winter carries on in Canada and I don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Anyone know how to get a Canadian citizenship?

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One Response to Kootenay Kunch

  1. Britton says:

    Come try up here in the peace region, 9 ft at the top 🙂

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