Given the amount of questions I have received recently in regard to my ski being released this fall I thought it appropriate to give an honest review of the ski… I’m sure at this point I may have more hours logged on these sticks and given the design came from my confused yet somewhat accurate mind I suppose this is what it all came out to be…

The ski is stiffer than the CRJ and softer than the EHP or Renegade models… the ski is designed to be “non-directional” meaning you can ski it switch. Now with that said, let me face the facts for a minute. Most of us don’t ski switch that often, and even myself may spend 10% of my time backwards on these skis. So why design a ski so it performs well backwards? The thing is the ski loses no performance by having a mount closer to “true center”, and in fact performs better in a lot of situations. Having more tail increases the surface area behind the skier when landing airs. Also if one chooses to take a spin off a catrack, bump or jump the ski offers a smaller swing weight.. Although you may be skiing a 187 the swing weight is more balanced than if you where to be skiing a 187 mounted 7 cm’s back from true center.

Many people complain that having a “center” mounted ski in pow makes the skier have to lean back too much. Given the YLE is not center mounted and has a 2.5 cm back from true center, suggested mounting position, skiing a ski with closer to equal tip and tail length is different than skiing a traditional mounted ski. Some may not like it at first having been on traditional mounts, but in time most would begin to understand the geometry and performance value of this progressive mounting position… as I have myself over the years.

The ski is stiffer in the tail than the tip but in no way soft by any means… nor too stiff. Just right for my 160 lb body on em. There is more rocker (30cm in length, and 8 mm in height) in the tip than tail (25 cm in length, 5 mm in height), although neither is very aggressive and 3mm of camber underfoot. This was designed as such due to the inevitable “break in” that every ski experiences. After some time spend shredding the ski will more or less develop a shallow camber under foot with more rocker in the tip and tail…

These are my two cents. I love the ski and skied it on everything last year, park, crud, ice, pow, bc jumps, big lines. Performed on everything thing and the only decision I had to make what to what size to be on. I’m 5’11” and rode the 177 in park, smaller bc jumps, features, resort crusing, etc… and the 187 used on bigger lines, jumps, and basically faster, bigger skiing in general.

Best of luck to all who look to find a fresh pair of sticks this winter. Lots of good ones out there. I highly suggest investing in 4frnt as the quality and attention to detail has grown tremendously over the years. Couldn’t be more proud and honored to be a part of such a great ski community and company. TO DEEP POW, STEEP LANDINGS, AND MOST OF ALL A GOOD TIME IN 2011-2012 WINTER SEASON!!!!

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2 Responses to THE REVIEW

  1. Dillon says:

    Where should I mount this ski true center or at the suggested point?

  2. yleski says:

    at the suggested point… 2.5cm’s back from true center! Hell ya Dilon… enjoy the ride!

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