Fast times at Level 1 HQ

So I just arrived in Denver Friday afternoon, caught a shuttle to downtown Denver and the heart of Level 1 operations…

The heart of Denver

After a quick look at the recent Euro edit for the upcoming release of Eye Trip, Josh Berman and I hit the road to link up with Freedle and Kyle who had been posted up at a camp site north of Silverthorne. We arrived late it was dark, quickly set up our tents and began the bro down throw down, as usual with most camp experiences…

Lakeside Cliff Livin’

Saturday we awoke to blue skys and spent the day cliff diving, and kicking it lakeside. I was fortunate enough to accomplish some back flips, and back fulls… another step in a positive direction for the knee… strength is apparent in the appendage!

kicking it in the L1 office (Kyle, Freedle, Berman)

I’m now currently working my my segment with Freedle. Editing is so much more than I ever anticipate. So much attention to detail and every second is calculated by a song beat.  Things are looking good and I’m confident the final product will be recieved well…

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2 Responses to Fast times at Level 1 HQ

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  2. AG Pitsilos says:

    Can’t wait to screen it. It’s great that you get to have input on the edit to add your perspective on a particular show with maybe what you were thinking then or how it felt. It would be a different film without that input.

    Think Snow!

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