On April 23rd i took a tumble heli skiing in Valdez Alaska. On returning home to SLC and receiving and MRI the consensus was that I had torn my ACL and damaged my lateral meniscus.

Surgery was scheduled May 12th and upon opening er up Doctor Lind of the Cooley, Metcalph, Rosenberg practice in Park City Utah, found a startling amount of meniscus damage to both my lateral and medial. A sucher was placed on the lateral as well as some shaving away. The medial meniscus was prodded with needle to encourage bloodflow and healing. A hamstring grapht was harvested and insterted where my once healthy strong ACL resided, which now apparently was the equivalent of a smashed noodle.

I am now one month out, and have never experienced such sustained pain in my whole life with anything… About ten days outa surgery I began walking on it and experienced pain when standing up from blood rushing into my leg… I began PT about ten days outa surgery and immediately saw improvement in my leg… Then without notice on June 3rd I experienced significant stiffening upon waking up, and have been experiencing greater and greater amounts of stiffness from then on upon waking up in the morning.

The pain is subsiding very slowly. I can walk but am losing motion with increased stiffness. I stress over getting my extension which seems to be slipping futher and further from 0 degrees… I have weened myself down to a pain pill or two a day (10 MG Percosets), the pain is noticeably suddle when I am under the medication, throughout the day the pain is moderate and manageable. The nighttime remains tough and hard to get through without a pill or two.

My knee is continuously hot! I am doing PT 4 days a week, twice in the pool and twice in the gym, lots of balancing excersizes and stretching…. Oh how I appreciate and cherish my good leg. I believe I will forever be great full for health and fitness when it returns.

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