Route Finding via Beau and KT

Beau Fredlund and KT Miller’s look at route finding in Cooke City Montana. Beau is along time friend of mine. Here him, and KT explore routes and safe travel in the North East of Yellowstone National Park. Link to story here

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2015 4FRNT YLE



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Evo Ad


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First Walk of the Season (Utah)

Photos by Jordan Harper, Saga Outerwear

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Myself, Tatum Monod, and Freedle Coty

Last weekend marked the annual release of Level 1’s film. This year LESS was showcased downtown among crowd of 2,000 odd snow rats.  This is the 8th film I have worked on with Level 1.  These guys put out some creative work every year and I’m proud still call myself one of the crew.


El Hefe himself Mr Josh Berman


The night kicked off as usual with some hot dogs and drinks at 3333 Larimer, Level 1 HQ.


Cheddar and myself stop between poster signing for a “hows yur day”

The poster signing table was going crazy, everything from nuts to butts getting inked.


Ahmet, LSM, and Shay Lee working traffic control at the poster signing table

The raffle was a nice perk for any premier goer. I imagine most people walked away with something from the show, there seems to be more product every year tossed out. This show did not disappoint.


The kids start to file in… I imagine the total was around 2000 of us packed this place before the show started

Things got a little hazy once the show got under way and I won’t spoil too much in case your coming to SLC, Bozeman, or one of the many stops along the way this fall.  I will say that Shay Lee, Khai Krepala, and LSM showcased some incredible skiing. I was super happy to see Tatum score some screen time in the film and I must say I was impressed. Rainville, and Duncan slayed some nice pow and all in all the movie really was great to watch start to finish… LJ even has a creative skit and even more creative skiing. Cheddar has some bangers. Everyone’s segment is worth a watch. This season proved tough in regards to finding good snow and this movie was testament that no matter what a season looks like something good will come out of it.


ahhh… banged up and ready for breakfast / shay lee, khai krepala, sandy bovine, tatum monod, tim mchessney and crew started sunday morning off right

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REALSKI 2014 “Behind the Scenes”

The 2014 X games Realski is back in full swing. Our videos are live and we are doing our best to tally the hashtags and posts on social media. The competition is strong this year. Maybe stronger than last? Either way it’s good to see our sport develop and move in this direction. Bellow is a link to our behind the scenes edit and an interview I took with ESPN.

Filming and Editing by: Kyle Decker / The Bureau

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